Homeless Challenge: Chapter 3


“This is much much better”!”, Raven thought, as she admired the whack job she had done on her hair. Her hair was getting too long for her to put up with, and until she came up with $20,000, she wasn’t allowed to go to the salon, so Raven did the only thing she could think of, she took a pair of scissors that she had found in the salon’s dumpster, and went to the gym, and whacked her hair off herself.


Raven took a much needed shower, before heading off to pick some vegetables from the Twinbrook Gardens. She was getting hungry and needed to fill her stomach.


Raven ate her fill of tomatoes, and then took a nap on their comfortable bench. It was so much softer than the one she owned.


She went home to check on Mishi, paid her bills, then received a call from Leilani Pereira, asking her to grow some fruits and veggies for her. Raven got straight to work on the garden, trying to improve it the best way she could.


Raven finished up the gardening, then headed to the fire department, where the firefighters gave her some bread and jam, and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Raven was very thankful for the help the firefighters were giving her.

Blaise KindleAll that Blaise could spare was $2, because she herself did not have much money.

Once rested, Raven ate some ice cream, while Blaise Kindle chatted with her for awhile. Raven then asked Blaise if she could spare a few dollars. Blaise gave her $2, explaining that she too was low on money, but at least she herself had a place to stay, so she figured she could spare a couple bucks to help Raven out.

Screenshot-13Leilani paid her $190 for the produce

Raven went home, picked the fruits of her labor, then headed off to meet Leilani, at the scrapyard, where she gave her the produce. Raven was rewarded $190, for her work.

got a sponge bath at the scrapyardate some bread and jame with Leilani Pereira and Bunny Curiousdidn't mind that Rogelio John was sitting there

Raven decided to get a sponge bath, a meal, and a nap in, before leaving the scrapyard that night. She didn’t even that Rogelio John was reading a book, while she was napping.

*I changed one of Raven’s traits to inappropiate to more suit the homeless challenge*

Rummaged throught the Racket's trash, where she found Palladium, scrap, and garlicthe drudge's trash, found scrap and a lime total is $3,304Screenshot-20

Raven went rummaging, through the Racket’s and the Drudge’s trash cans, where she found scrap, palladium, garlic, and lime. This brought her funds to $3,304. Then she went home for the night, to sleep on her hard park bench.

tended her gardenAsked Oliver Greenwood to use his bathroom

The next morning, Raven visited the Greenwood home, and asked Oliver Greenwood if she could use their bathroom. He invited her inside and allowed her to use their commodities.

Screenshot-23he didn't give her anything

Raven decided to also get a quick sponge bath, while she could. Then she asked Oliver if he could help her out, money wise, and he turned her down.

Screenshot-25passed outHolly called her a loser

Raven was able to snag a bowl of cereal, before passing out from exhaustion, right as Holly was walking through the door. All Holly could do was stand there spouting that Raven was a loser. Didn’t even care to help her.

Emerald watched her, wandering what this strange girl was doing, napping on their sofa

On the other hand, Holly’s younger sister, Emerald, told Raven she could take a nap on their comfortable couch, and that she would stay and make sure Holly didn’t bother her.

found scrap, gigantic space rock, and a rare seed, now has $5,956

But, as soon as Raven woke up from her nap, Holly ran her off, and told her to go home. Raven didn’t leave empty handed though, she rummaged through their trash, finding some scrap, a rare seed, and a gigantic space rock.

And, we end this chapter, with Raven having $5,956 to her name.

~God Bless!


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